About Personal Shopa

I am Dorah yes like Dora The Explorer, I am a fitness enthusiast with a love for holistic lifestyle and I love transforming people's lives through exotic meals, fitness and realistic holistic lifestyle habits and goals. I am an inspired Health & Wellness Coach, I'm always exploring ways to flex that self-love muscle while having fun in the process of transforming into the best version of SELF. 

Amongst my many loves, its Hatha Yoga which really helps my whole being, hence our online store and fitness programs seek to enhance the fitness of the complete physical body and emotional health while combining methods of stress reduction, diet and traditional exercise as well as sleep habits.

We embrace the concept of the balance between being physically fit, emotionally intelligent, and mentally healthy and since I am crazy about fitness, we blend physical and mental through every aspect of a healthy lifestyle including adventure training and we help our clients improve their overall health, redefining fitness and health in making the main goal to steadily improve one’s overall well-being.